Custom Cores and Design Services

We transform compiled software into FPGA hardware.

Concurrent EDA's technology enables the direct tranformation of x86 software into parallel FPGA gates.

Concurrent Analytics is an automated service that quantifies the benefits of FPGA hardware based on customer software.ยท Typical turn-around time is less than a week.

Concurrent Acceleration transforms your software into high-performance FPGA hardware.

Concurrent Cores are pre-built FPGA designs that can be adapted to meet specific project requirements.

Turn-Key Systems provide complete solutions that involve FPGA systems with FPGA cores.

  • Software Analysis

    Concurrent Analytics service produces a set of quantitative analysis reports of your application and provides answers to the following critical questions.

    • Is it feasible to accelerate my application using parallel hardware?

    • Can an FPGA be used to accelerate my application?

    • How much faster could my application be?

    • How do I partition my application between parallel hardware and traditional software?

  • FPGA Acceleration


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