Concurrent EDA creates high-performance parallel FPGA cores directly from sequential software.

Seamless integration into systems accelerates time-to-market with reduced risk.

Products and services

Prebuilt FPGA Cores

Concurrent has a library of pre-built high-performance FPGA Cores ready for immediate use. Most cores process data rates of 10 to 100 Gb/s and provide 10 to 100 Giga-Operations/second of performance.

FPGA Analytics Service

Concurrent Analytics rapidly quantifies the benefits of FPGA acceleration and mitigates risk by answering key questions: Is there hidden parallelism in my software? Can it be mapped to an FPGA? How much faster would it be? How much would it cost?

Fixed-fee Custom FPGA Cores

Concurrent creates custom FPGA cores directly from customer software. The final result is an FPGA design that is functionally identical to the user-provided software executable and that operates at 200 to 350MHz or faster.

FPGA System Integration Service

Concurrent EDA integrates its cores directly into FPGA-based systems to provide turn-key solutions. Examples include: National Instruments FlexRIO, Avnet Industrial Video Kit, XMC accelerator cards, Xilinx development boards and customer hardware.

Applications and FPGA Cores

Video Processing: 200M Pixels/sec

Applications require intelligent video and image processing for inspection, surveillance and robotics applications.

Cryptography and Compression: 25-100 Gb/sec

Utilize the power of FPGAs to accelerate encryption and data compression functions. Numerous form factors available.

Test and Measurement: 1-10G Samples/sec

Test equipment captures data from the physical world to enable measurements for experiments, manufacturing and custom applications.

Test and Measurement: 1-10G Samples/sec

Acceleration of existing open-source libraries provides acceleration and ease-of-use through a standard API.