Kintex UltraSCALE

Kintex® UltraScale™ devices provide the best price/performance/watt at 20nm and include the highest signal processing bandwidth in a mid-range device, next- generation transceivers, and low-cost packaging for an optimum blend of capability and cost-effectiveness. The family is ideal for packet processing in 100G networking and data center applications as well as DSP-intensive processing needed in next- generation medical imaging, 8k4k video, and heterogeneous wireless infrastructure.

All this on a tiny footprint (4 x 5 cm) at the most competitive price. These high-density integrated modules are smaller than a credit card and available in several variants.

All parts range from commercial temperature range to industrial temperature range.

ModelSize (cm)FPGASpeedgradeRAMSPI FlashTemp.
TE0841-01-035-1C 4 x 5 XCKU035-1SFVA784C 1 1 GByte DDR4 32 MByte commercial
TE0841-02-035-1I 4 x 5 XCKU035-1SFVA784I 1 1 GByte DDR4 32 MByte industrial
TE0841-02-035-2I 4 x 5 XCKU035-2SFVA784I 2 1 GByte DDR4 32 MByte industrial
TE0841-01-040-1C 4 x 5 XCKU040-1SFVA784C 1 1 GByte DDR4 32 MByte commercial
TE0841-02-040-1I 4 x 5 XCKU040-1SFVA784I 1 1 GByte DDR4 32 MByte industrial