Cybersecurity is a huge challenge for industrial and critical systems in general. A multi-layered approach is mandatory to cover the security threats that may arise at sense, embedded device, application, network, and cloud levels. Therefore, the number of agents involved is large and the technologies to apply are very heterogenous.

SoC-e is aware of this reality and is focusing on giving solutions for customers in the Industrial sector that demands on-the-fly protection mechanisms that apply the state-of-the-art cipher suites while ensuring the reaction time for control operation. On the other hands, SoC-e offers consulting and engineering services to implement device level secure solutions and specialized training on Cybersecurity for the Industrial sector.

Available ModelsDescription
SASCrypt IP Core
The Substation Automation Systems Cryptographic (SASCrypt) IP Core secures the strict real-time traffic used in the Substation Automation Systems and in new Smart Grid premises
COEsec IP Core
Configuration-over-Ethernet (COE) is a Layer 2 configuration protocol design by SoC-e to access remotely to FPGAs that implements SoC-e switching infrastructures.