600Mb/s Authentication IP Core for AXI-4 Streams

Optimized for Area

MD5 Stream Authentication IP Cores converts streams of data into streams of MD5 hash keys. This IP is fully compatible with compatible with RFC 1321 – The MD5 Message-Digest Algorithm [1] when data sizes are multiples of 64 bytes. The core outputs the 128-bit value (i.e. the hash key) when the End of Packet (EOP) Stream is received.

This core can be used in various applications that require authentication. For example, if two data streams generate the same hash key, then both data streams are almost certainly identical. While it is technically possible have a collision with MD5, it probability is extremely small. This is a widely researched topic with numerous technical papers on the strength of MD5.

Benefits and Features

  • Compliant with the MD5 algorithm as described in RFC 1321
  • Produces identical results with other MD5 implementation, including Open SSL
  • No input size limit
  • One MD5 has key is generated for each stream
  • Fully compliant with QuickPlay

Technical Specifications

  • Tight implementation requiring 1% of a Kintex 7 325 FPGA
  • High performance 600Mb/s
  • 1 MB stream in 13ms
  • Standard AXI4 Stream Interfaces
  • One MD5 hash key of 128-bits is output for each End of Packet (EOP) received
  • Each EOP received generates one 128-bit MD5 hash with an EOP
  • Low latency of 77 cycles @ 100MHz