IRIG-B Master Core

IRIGtimeM Block Diagram


The IRIGtimeM IP Core implements an IRIG 200-04 compliant time synchronization master on FPGA devices. This IRIG-B master IP has been designed to support all the IRIG-B coded expressions as well as DCLS and AM modulations in order to provide maximum flexibility.

This IRIG-B master IP generates IRIG-B frames each second, including the mandatory and optional time information (seconds, minutes, hours, days, years, control functions and binary straight seconds) depending on the IRIG-B time code selected on the configuration. This IP has been designed to provide autonomous operation, requiring as less configuration as possible.

Key Features

  • IRIG 200-04 compliant time synchronization master
  • Support for DCLS and AM modulations
  • Support for all IRIG-B coded expressions, including year information, control functions and straight binary seconds
  • Output type (IRIG-B timecode) configurable both before implementation and on the fly
  • Precise IRIG-B output in order to provide nanoseconds precision
  • 32-bit timestamp input for initial set up of the IP
  • Periodic pulse output for testing
    IRIGtimeM I/O Diagram

    Supported FPGAs

    • 6-Series (Spartan, Virtex)
    • 7-Series (Zynq, Spartan, Artix, Kintex, Virtex)
    • Ultrascale (Kintex, Virtex)
    • Ultrascale+ (Zynq MPSoC, Kintex, Virtex)

    Embedded Development Suite

    A hardware development platform is available. Latest documentation, design support files, reference design source files and tools are available for download free of charge.

    * Device supported by the free Xilinx Vivado WebPACK tool.

    Pricing, Availability and Ordering

    • Concurrent EDA is the US Distributor for SoC-e.
    • Currently Available to US customers only.
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